Ct Scan For Lungs In Bangalore

Ct Scan For Lungs In Bangalore

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The Emerging Need For CT Scans In Bangalore

The human body is considered the most evolved form among all living beings on the earth. The body comprises of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems that perform various levels of activities to keep the body functioning. From cell repair to breathing for keeping the body alive, the marvels of the human body are rooted in the anatomy, physiology and their chemical interactions. However, the fast-paced life in metro cities like Bangalore has added to the stress, unhealthy choices in lifestyle and diet along with the added and growing pollution in the city. This has impacted the lives of living beings in a very adverse manner. People are developing ailments and diseases early on in life. The amount of carcinogens in the environment has also increased leading to higher risks of cancer and tumours. The resilience or the ability to withstand a condition has seen a certain drop, according to recent studies made on diagnostic scans like CT scans in Bangalore. 

Yet, amidst these ill-health contributing factors, we see that the average lifespan of a human has increased considerably. Even though there are possibilities of adverse ill-effects human beings have devised and found ways to battle these hurdles in well-being. This breakthrough was only possible with sharp and notable improvements in the medical health sciences. The research and development team has been able to study the intensive functioning of the human body with efficient medical testing methods. X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, pathology tests and more were employed with the brilliance of knowledgeable medical professionals to arrive at a diagnosis and chalk up a treatment process. Over the years, this scenario further improved as medical sciences joined hands with computer technology to make diagnostic centres in Bangalore arrive at the finest results. Several centres have MRIs, endoscopy, PET scans, PET/CT scans and CT scans in Bangalore that have accelerated the success rates of treatments through larger leaps. Today, the entire scenario of medicine has seen progress with futuristic solutions in the field of medical science and technology.

Progressing Health With CT Scan For Lungs In Bangalore

It is indeed fascinating to see how human innovations in the medical landscape lead to the aspects of modernising medical imaging technology over time. This further enabled us to arrive at one of the most preferred and precise diagnostic methods, the CT scan in Bangalore. The term CT is an abbreviation for Computed Tomography. Since the ability of X-rays to obtain clear images of any plane or section of the body is employed, this is described with the term, Tomography. As this novel technique also uses computer technology and algorithm to fine-tune the obtained images, the term “Computed” was added as a prefix. CT scans in Bangalore have been popularised over time and even got the leading benefit of being specific to each body part. There are CT scans for the brain, CT scans for the heart, CT scans for the abdomen, General CT scans and CT scans for lungs in Bangalore that make diagnosis more convenient and extremely accurate. This article focuses more on how these scans are beneficial in studying the structure and activity in the lungs for further diagnosis.

The structure of the respiratory system was initially studied through surgical methods and later through imaging technology. Further, the function and activity are usually studied through modern methods similar to CT scans for lungs in Bangalore. The human body has two air-filled organs, that are asymmetrical and spongy in structure. These are present in the thoracic or the chest region. They are primary components of the human respiratory system. They are responsible for the process of gaseous exchange where oxygen is made available to the body by exchanging it with carbon dioxide and other gases. Oxygen is necessary for carrying nutrients across the body by the medium of blood through the circulatory system. The lungs perform this exchange about 12 to 20 times in one minute. This gaseous exchange is possible due to the function of millions of minute structures called alveoli that are present across the surface of the lungs. Through the property of diffusion, oxygen enters the bloodstream in the tiny blood vessels running close to the surface of these tiny sir-sacs called alveoli. The alveoli are the functional structures of the lungs. Apart from them, the windpipe or the trachea is the passage through which the inhaled air is passed on from the nasal cavity. The trachea further branches into two divisions into each lung. The structure at the branching of the trachea is a pair of bronchial tubes that are divided and join one lung each. This is the entire description of the structure of the human respiratory system. 

Different Health Conditions Diagnosed By A CT Scan For Lungs In Bangalore

The coordinated functioning of all these features in the lungs makes it a high-functional organ system in the body. However, there are many different ailments that can affect the lungs, each with its causes and symptoms. They are easily traced on a CT scan for lungs in Bangalore.

  1. Asthma: It is seen as a chronic condition that constricts the passage in the lungs. making it difficult to breathe. It can be triggered by a variety of factors, including allergies, respiratory infections, exercise, and stress.
  1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): It is a gradual lung disorder which takes into account emphysema and severe bronchitis. This is resulted from prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke, but can also be caused by air pollution, occupational dust and chemicals, and genetic factors seen and detected through a CT scan in Bangalore.
  1. Pneumonia: It is an infection in the lung which is caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. It can develop as a complication from viral infections like cold or flu, or other similar respiratory conditions, such as COPD mentioned above.
  1. Lung Cancer: The contributing factor is mainly the repeatedly coming across tobacco smoke over a period of time, but can also be caused by exposure to radon, asbestos, and other chemicals. A CT scan for lungs in Bangalore can easily detect even at the early stages. 
  1. Pulmonary Embolism: Pulmonary embolism is a blockage seen in the passage of pulmonary arteries, carrying blood that is pumped heart to the lungs. It is usually caused due to the movement of blood clot from one part of the body to other parts, such as in the lower body.
  1. Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis, caused by a bacterial infection, is spread through the medium of air when an infected person transfers aerosols or droplets through coughs or sneezes. It is seen that weaker immunity people are more susceptible towards tuberculosis.
  1. Cystic Fibrosis: Cystic fibrosis refers to the development of mucus in the linings and cavities in the lungs. It is a genetic disorder usually causing discomfort in breathing. This is due to aberration in the gene causing issues in mucus production that can be tested using a CT scan for the lungs in Bangalore. 

Different lung conditions can have various causes. Some of these causes include exposure to environmental pollutants, such as tobacco smoke or air pollution, infections caused by bacteria or viruses, genetic factors, and long-term exposure to irritants such as dust, asbestos, and chemicals.

An individual’s lifestyle increases the susceptibility of the development of lung conditions, such as smoking and lack of physical activity. Some lung conditions can also be caused by underlying medical conditions or complications of other diseases.

In summary, the causes of lung ailments can vary widely, from exposure to environmental pollutants to genetic factors. Crucial step is to look for medical assistance if you are experiencing any symptoms of a lung ailment, such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, or a persistent cough. Leading diagnostic centres in Bangalore can help with identifying the causes with a range of facilities. CT scan for lungs in Bangalore is a specialised technique that can not just accurately diagnose the condition but also locate the origin with specificity. The scans are accurate, efficient and help make treatment plans more effective. The success rate is also seen to be faster and leads to the cost-effectiveness of the scan. A CT scan cost in Bangalore is affordably set to make it more accessible to people.

Here Is How A CT Scan For Lungs In Bangalore Can Help To Treat Various Lung Conditions:

  • CT scans in Bangalore can detect lung nodules or masses that may be cancerous. The scan can also determine the size, location, and extent of the cancer.
  • CT scans can help diagnose a pulmonary embolism by detecting blood clots in the lungs.
  • They can show the extent and severity of lung inflammation caused by pneumonia.
  • CT scans can detect abnormalities in the lungs caused by tuberculosis, such as nodules, cavities, and lymph node enlargement.
  • CT scans in Bangalore can reveal the extent of scarring and inflammation in the lung tissue caused by interstitial lung disease.
  • A CT scan for lungs in Bangalore can provide a detailed image of the lungs, allowing doctors to see if there is any damage to the air sacs and assess the severity of the emphysema.
  • A CT scan can helps to monitor the conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. It can help doctors determine the best course of treatment, such as medication, oxygen therapy, or pulmonary rehabilitation.


Overall, CT scans for lungs in Bangalore can provide detailed information about lung conditions, which can help doctors make accurate diagnoses and develop appropriate treatment plans. Diagnostic centres in Bangalore offer them as part of their range of diagnostic imaging services. Noticing symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing or chest pain, you can seek help through medical assistance and obtain a proper diagnosis at Kiran Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT centre to rule out any doubts and start early treatment if needed. The CT scan cost in Bangalore is also convenient, affordable and backed by insurance benefits to help people attain good health. Visit Kiran Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT Centre, as a first step towards overall wellness.

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