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PSMA PET Scan in Bangalore


PSMA PET Scan, also known as Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen PET Scan, is an innovative nuclear imaging technology that has the potential to accurately identify and diagnose prostate cancer. This groundbreaking imaging technique allows our expert medical team to observe prostate cancer cells with detailed accuracy, resulting in improved diagnosis, staging, and treatment planning ultimately leading to better patient health outcomes..

PSMA PET Scan- What it Can Detect?

PSMA PET Scans have shown potential in identifying prostate cancer accurately, even in cases when standard imaging techniques such as CT scans and bone scans are not sensitive enough to detect smaller lesions or metastases.

Working Principle of PSMA PET Scan

Early Examination: Benefits Of Doing It

Early PSMA testing for prostate cancer has a number of significant advantages. Early PSMA screening improves patient outcomes and prognosis by minimising unnecessary procedures and thereby enabling timely and prompt action, making it an essential tool in the treatment procedure against prostate cancer.

PSMA PET Scan Protocols: Steps You Must Follow Before The Examination

It is important to take certain measures before visiting our clinic for the PSMA scan to achieve the highest quality results. Our professional healthcare staff will walk you through the entire procedure and support you as and when necessary. Some of the measures to be taken and considered include

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At Kiran CT Scan Centre, we guarantee safe detection with precise and reliable findings. We assure to not keep you waiting for results for a long time since it’s our promise to deliver on time. Alongside prompt and timely delivery, we make certain that when you approach our clinic, you receive the most courteous and compassionate treatment from our team, as well as an atmosphere with optimal hygienic standards. In the healthcare diagnosis industry, we are renowned for various reasons including:
PSMA scans are usually thought to be safe. Although the radiotracer contains only a trace amount of radioactive material, the dosages are carefully managed in order to minimise potential risks. The advantages of early cancer detection generally outweigh the risks of radiation exposure.
The whole scanning procedure normally takes 30 minutes to an hour.
The radiotracer injection may cause minor discomfort and rarely some may develop minor allergic reactions. Serious adverse effects are uncommon, and the majority of patients tolerate the entire scanning process well.

Yes, PSMA scans have a high sensitivity, allowing them to detect tiny and early-stage prostate cancer malignancies before they are detectable on other imaging tests.

Patients are usually urged to keep hydrated, fast if required, and to inform their healthcare professional about any prescription medications, specific medical conditions or allergies.

Yes, as mentioned, PSMA scans are very sensitive in detection. And the same holds good for recurring prostate cancer, even at low PSA levels, they are useful for monitoring treatment efficacy and detecting cancer recurrence.