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PET/CT scan- A brief Introduction

PET CT scan is the acronym for Position Emission Topography Scan, a nuclear imaging technique which helps to detect cancer cells in the body. With the help of a PET CT scan, doctors can examine the working of tissues and vital organs in the body. It is done along with a CT (Computed Tomography) which gives out the detailed picture of organs and tissues inside the body.

The radiotracer determines crucial body functionality which helps the doctors to diagnose the stage and severity of the disease and plan the treatment. Studying the extent of cancer spread in the body is necessary to come up with the treatment for the patient’s best interest.for best PET/CT Scan in bangalore book an appointment with us. 

PET/CT- Know what it can detect

PET CT Scans are generally used to detect central nervous aliments including cancer, coronary and heart disease. When it comes to cancer, PET CT Scan can help our doctors answer some questions like

Working Principle of PET/CT Scan

Types of Cancer we detect through the PET/CT scan

PET Scan can help to detect major cancer ailments and tumour diamantes. Some of them are

Top Pet CT Scan

Lung Cancer

Pet CT Scan

Breast Cancer

Pet CT scan for cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Pet CT for esophageal Cancer

Lymphoma Cancer

Pet CT for esophageal Cancer

Esophagal Cancer

Pet CT Scan for Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Pet CT Scan for Luakemia


Pet CT for Cancer detection

Prostate Cancer

Early examination: Benefits of doing it

Detection is very important before any treatment and to get detected, it is more important to get yourself diagnosed for the same in case of any occurrence of adverse symptoms in the body.

You need to get a PET CT Scan done at the best PET CT scan centre in Bangalore as soon as possible because

PET/CT scan protocols: Steps you must follow before examination

Before scheduling your PET CT Scan, our staffs will guide you through the pre- procedures to follow before you come for the scan at the best PET CT scan centre Bangalore. Please make sure you follow the instruction strictly to avoid mistakes in scan results.

Pet CT Scan Protocol

Our Specialities

We dare to care: Our exceptional service you can rely upon:

At Kiran PET CT, we work to serve you with utmost dedication to offer you best diagnosis service with a prayer for your best health. We are the best when it comes to accuracy, standards and safety. Our unified traits

  • For patients who have or may have cancer, it increases diagnostic confidence.
  • Minimises the need for invasive techniques like surgery or biopsy.
  • It aids in avoiding the “wait and see” approach used to monitor potential diseases.
  • To ensure the treatment is effective, monitor patients’ reactions to the treatment.

A PET-CT scan takes roughly 30 -45 minutes to complete.

The ability to perform the scan may depend on a patient’s body weight, habits, and scan type. For example, PET/CT Scan apparatus has a 400-pound weight restriction.

These recommendations are for all patients:

  • Eat nothing and only drink water four to six hours before your exam.
  • Before arriving, take your regular medication (if you can tolerate it on an empty stomach)
  • The day before your exam, refrain from strenuous activity.
  • Put on comfortable, warm clothing.
  • If you have diabetes, take your insulin, if necessary, and eat a small meal four hours before the exam. The exam will need to be rescheduled if you don’t adhere to all preparation instructions and check your blood glucose levels are within normal ranges.

Necessary: Please try your best to keep your scheduled meeting. If you have any reason to cancel the appointment and need to reschedule or cancel, kindly notify our office with at least 24 hours notice. If you don’t show up for your meeting, the solution prepared for your scan will have to be thrown away.

The reading radiologist will speak with your referring doctor to relay all essential scan data. The outcomes will then be communicated to you by your referring doctor. This process usually takes 24 hours.

A PET (Positron Emission Tomography) CT scan is a medical imaging technique that combines the functional information provided by a PET scan with the anatomical information provided by a CT scan. At a PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore, this combination of imaging aspects provides a completely comprehensive view of the body’s internal structures and functions than just one aspect alone as in most other scans. Here are some ways that PET CT scans differ from other medical imaging techniques:

  • Provides complete metabolic information: Unlike other imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans, which provide only anatomical information, a PET CT scan provides metabolic information about the body. This is because the PET scan uses a radioactive tracer that is absorbed by cells in the body based on their metabolic activity.
  • Shows the function of organs and tissues: By showing the metabolic activity of cells in organs and tissues, a PET CT scan can reveal how well they are functioning. This can be very helpful in diagnosing diseases that affect the function of organs and tissues, such as cancer.
  • Can detect cancer earlier: PET CT scans can detect cancer at an earlier stage than other imaging techniques because they can detect changes in metabolic activity before structural changes become visible on other imaging tests.
  • Provides precise information for treatment planning: The detailed information provided by a PET CT scan can be very helpful for treatment planning, especially for cancer. By identifying the precise location and extent of cancerous tissue, doctors can develop a more targeted treatment plan, which can lead to better outcomes for patients.

Overall, PET CT scans are different from other medical imaging techniques because they provide both anatomical and functional information about the body’s internal structures and can detect diseases earlier and more accurately.

A PET CT scan is an elaborate procedure that employs radiation and computer technology to produce detailed and accurate imaging solutions that aid the diagnosis process in several ways. Since this process is exclusive and found in only the best Diagnostic Centre in Bangalore, the costs of a PET CT scan can be higher than other regular scans. It would be better to get a financial assistance through health insurance to take care of the expenses of the scan. Also, if one has an existing insurance plan, one can get in touch with the PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore to seek assistance in availing of the benefits of insurance. To ensure that you can successfully claim your insurance for the PET CT scan expenses, it is advisable to first notify the diagnostic centre, and get the necessary documents ready. Along with that one can also consult the insurance provider to get hassle-free benefits of health insurance.

Some Insurance plans do not cover charges for laboratory tests but just healthcare in terms of hospitalisation. In such cases, making arrangements for the finances become necessary. Also, even in the case of partial coverage, taking care of the whole amount has to be done well in advance.

If you are not secured by insurance, then it becomes daunting to cover the expenses. However, at Kiran PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore and some other leading diagnostic centres, there are varied ranges of scans that are priced conveniently to bring affordability and ease to the patients. Resources are used in appropriate amounts with no wastage to charge a fair price.

An exceptional PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore has some of the following features that not just focus on the value and experience of the patients but also adhere to the best practices in health care.

  • Futuristic technology: These diagnostic centres are up-to-date with the latest technology in terms of apparatus and other hardware facilities along with convenient, latest and updated software versions as well. As scans like PET/CT require computer technology, Kiran PET CT Scan Centre has state-of-the-art technical facilities to aid the patients the best with their diagnostic solutions.
  • Trained and empathetic staff: At a leading diagnostic centre like Kiran PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore, there is a varied and diverse workforce to assist all the operations and services. 

There are trained and well-knowledgeable doctors and consultants who have an eye for compassion and well-being and approach all patients with utmost care to help them with their resorts and complaints.

There is also a band of lab operators and technicians who stay skilled and informed on the latest technical facilities available at the centre for smooth and accurate functioning of the diagnosis.

Some pathologists take care of the scans involve collecting samples and testing them for certain levels that help in diagnosis.

Further, there is also sanitation staff who prioritise hygiene above everything and ensure that a PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore that functions with a varied range of health conditions is kept sanitised and all test or imaging rooms, tools and types of equipment are even filtered and sterilised to uphold maximum healthy environment.

The admin staff is also very courteous and warm in helping patients feel at ease as they visit the centre for important scans and tests. 

This way, the entire team at a PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore works in a collaborative and empathetic way to bring the best healthcare solutions to the population. 

  • Versatility in services: A well-functioning PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore takes care of a range of tests and scans like PET, CT, MRI, X-ray, CBC and more to assist people with different health conditions and modalities. This provides a comprehensive solution to a wide spectrum of health issues and is designed to synchronise and streamline healthcare facilities to make them convenient and accessible to patients. 
  • Fast and reliable results: With well-updated and state-of-the-art facilities and responsive staff, get quick and timely results of your diagnostic tests and scans. This further aids you to seek professional help in beginning your treatment towards recovery.

If you have a medical condition that requires a PET CT scan, it is important to go to a centre that has the expertise and technology to provide accurate and reliable results. Bangalore is home to some of the best PET CT Scan Centres in the country, and these centres offer world-class diagnostic services at affordable prices.

Going to a PET CT Scan Centre in Bangalore offers several benefits, including access to exceptional technology and experienced medical professionals. These centres are equipped with the latest PET CT scan machines, which can provide high-resolution images of the body. Instead of relying on half-accurate results, it is best when you know your diagnosis with utmost specificity.

The medical professionals at these centres are highly trained and have years of experience in interpreting PET CT scan results. They can accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders.

Moreover, PET CT Scan Centres in Bangalore are known for their patient-centric approach and excellent customer service. The staff at these centres are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. They understand that undergoing a PET CT scan can be stressful, and they go out of their way to make the experience as comfortable as possible for patients.

There are certain prerequisites to be considered at the PET CT Scan Centre In Bangalore before the beginning of the procedure of scan to ensure the fullest safety and efficiency. During a PET CT scan, you will lie down on a table, which will be moved into a large scanner. The scanner will take images of your body, which will be combined to create a detailed image of your internal organs and tissues using computer technology. Using the best of health science and computer science, the best results in diagnosis can be obtained to aid effective treatment.

Before the scan, you may need to receive a small amount of a radioactive tracer, which will help in identifying the areas of your body that are not functioning properly. The tracer is usually given through a vein in your arm. Trained healthcare professionals assist you throughout the process to ensure you are at ease and comfortable while undergoing a PET CT Scan In Bangalore. The PET CT scan is painless and usually takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. However, the preparation, after-test care and other requirements take to about 3 hours which is much lesser compared to traditional scans. After the scan, you can resume your normal activities.