CT Scan In Bangalore

CT Scan In Bangalore

What Is CT Scan?

A series of x ray images when taken for variable angles and combined together through computer processing, it creates cross sectional images of the organs. The technique is known as the CT Scan ( Computer Tomography). It is a quick examiner of any type of internal injuries and can scan any body part which helps the doctor to plan for the treatment and medication, be it surgical or through radiations. For full body CT Scan in bangalore book an appointment with us

Why Should You Take A CT Scan?

Since CT scan uses multi directional x-ray images to pull out the internal organ structure, it can help our doctors to uncover a number of ailments in the body.

CT Scan Is Done For These Organs:

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CT Scan Protocols : Steps You Must Follow Before The Examination

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Why Choose Us For CT Scan In Bangalore

At Kiran CT Scan center, we assure you for a safe detection with accurate and reliable results. We won t keep you waiting for the results for a long period of time since we deliver on time. Apart from the timely delivery, we make sure when you visit our clinic, you get the best cordial vibes from our staffs, a clean environment with optimum hygiene measures. In healthcare diagnosis industry we are known for :
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CT scan and how does it work?

This question seeks a basic understanding of what a CT scan is and how it functions, including its use of X-rays and computer technology to generate detailed images of the body.

What are the common reasons for undergoing a CT scan?

Many individuals want to know why a doctor might order a CT scan for them. This could include diagnosing conditions such as fractures, tumors, infections, or internal injuries after trauma.

Is a CT scan safe? Are there any risks involved?

Safety concerns are common. Responding to this FAQ involves discussing the relatively low levels of radiation exposure compared to older imaging techniques like traditional X-rays and the precautions taken to minimize risks, especially for vulnerable populations like pregnant women.

Which body parts are commonly scanned through CT in Bangalore?
Some of the most common body parts scanned using CT in Bangalore include the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. The head is frequently scanned to check for issues like bleeding in the brain, strokes, or tumors. Chest CTs are widely used to investigate symptoms like cough, pain, and detect any pulmonary issues early. Abdominal and pelvic CTs allow clear viewing of digestive organs and assessment of conditions affecting the kidneys, liver, or other areas. CT is also used for body scans when looking into accidental injuries. In addition to CT scans, PET scan in Bangalore are also commonly performed for detailed imaging and assessment of various medical conditions, particularly in oncology for detecting and monitoring cancer.
What to consider when choosing a CT Scan near me in Bangalore?
  • Pick one nearby, within 15 minutes of your home for convenience. Accessibility should be easy.
  • Choose NABL accredited centers with experienced radiologists and latest CT machines for high quality images and reports.
  • Search online for reviews and ratings. Ask your doctor for referrals of reliable local centers they recommend.
  • Check packages and prices of centers nearby. Ensure your insurance is accepted to avoid hidden costs.
  • The center should make you feel comfortable. Maintain good hygiene and sanitize between patients.
  • Consider centers with convenient hours and less waiting between appointments. Avoid overcrowded ones.
  • Choose a trusted neighborhood center known for providing precise reports to discuss with your doctor.

Our centre is best and meets all above parameters. Feel free to reach the team.
Yes, follow up CT scans are often advised by orthopedic/neuro surgeons to monitor healing progress after injuries like fractures or post-operatively. The frequency depends on the surgery/injury but usual follow ups can be at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months. They help detect any abnormalities, non-unions, hardware problems early. Patients with cancer also undergo follow up CT scans at periodic intervals during/after treatment for response evaluation.
How can you reduce Ct scan radiation exposure in Bangalore?
Radiation exposure from medical imaging like CT scans can be minimized by requesting low dose CT protocols where available. Other tips include asking for only necessary body parts to be scanned rather than full body, opting for ultrasonography where possible instead of CT and keeping scans to minimum number recommended by doctors for monitoring. Lead aprons may also help reduce patient exposure especially during interventional procedures.
How should I prepare for a CT scan?

This question addresses practical concerns such as fasting requirements, medication adjustments, or any specific instructions from the healthcare provider before the procedure.

What should I expect during a CT scan?

Individuals often want to know what the actual experience will be like, including whether they’ll need to lie still, if they’ll receive contrast dye, and how long the procedure will take.

How long does it take to get the reports of CT scan in Bangalore?
Standard reports of CT scan in Bangalore are usually available within a day if done before noon. Some centers provide preliminary findings on the same day within 2-3 hours. However, detailed official radiologist reports take 10-24 hours. If a CD of images is required along with report, it may take up to 48 hours. Emergency reports can be given sooner. Advanced tests like CT angiograms take 1-2 days. Reports are sent to referring physician digitally or issued as hard copies.
How much does a CT scan cost in Bangalore?
The average cost of a basic CT scan in Bangalore ranges from Rs. 2500. The price can vary depending on the hospital or diagnostic center. Some top private hospitals may charge upwards of Rs. XYZ for a CT scan. The cost is generally lower at smaller nursing homes and diagnostic centers, starting from Rs. XYZ. Most insurance policies cover CT scans fully or partially. Do check with your insurer about coverage.
How do CT scan price in Bangalore vary between hospitals?
CT Scan price in Bangalore can vary up to Rs. 3000 for the same test in different hospitals. Top private facilities may charge upto 30% higher than smaller nursing homes. General scans average Rs. 18000 in large hospitals vs Rs. 20000 elsewhere. Location also impacts rates.
Will insurance cover the cost of a CT scan in Bangalore?
Whether your medical insurance policy will cover costs of a CT scan in Bangalore depends on the exact terms of your plan. Most comprehensive health plans provide partial or full reimbursement for diagnostic tests like CT scans if availed at network hospitals in Bangalore. But it’s always best to confirm with your insurance company in advance to understand coverage limits and claim procedure to avoid any surprises later. Providing proper paperwork also ensures smooth processing of reimbursement requests for policyholders.

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