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CT Scan for Heart in Bangalore

Taking Care With CT Scan For Heart

The heart is the main organ of function in the body that is responsible to keep the different organs alive and efficient. The heart mainly coordinates the blood circulation in the body, where oxygen-deficit blood from different parts of the body is taken to the lungs where the unwanted gases are exchanged with oxygen. The oxygen-rich blood now passes through the blood vessels back into the heart from where it is pumped to all parts of the body. The heart also carries nutrients in the bloodstream. The functioning of this entire system is taken care of by the involuntary system of the body. This means that even without our conscious attempt, the heart continues to function rhythmically and efficiently. That is why there are no interruptions even during sleep or comatose conditions. Once the heart stops functioning, then the person is considered no more. With such important functional abilities of the heart, one needs to look out for signs and symptoms of heart conditions and diseases. Medical techniques like a CT scan of the Heart can help detect any early signs and symptoms that suggest further diagnosis. 

Some of the most commonly reported complications with heart functioning include but does not restrict to the following:

  • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD): The coronary arteries are one of the main artery networks that function to provide oxygen-rich blood to the heart. These arteries are constricted and their overall inner diameter gets narrowed down due to certain depositions, mainly cholesterol. Severe cases of CAD can show signs of extreme chest pain or Angina Pectoris and other conditions too.
  • Heart Failure: This is a complication where the heart loses its normal ability to supply blood effectively due to dysfunctions in the pumping of the heart. This results in accumulating fluid in mainly the lungs and later other parts of the body too. Common symptoms reported are fluid retention in body parts, shortness of breath and tiredness.
  • Valvular Heart Disease: CT scans in Bangalore are a complication where the valves that are present within the compartments and blood vessels of the heart are affected. This could either be the narrowing or shrinking of the valve in the main artery, called the Aorta or even the leaking of certain heart valves. Noticeable symptoms include extreme discomfort in the chest, difficulty in breathing, usually short breaths and extreme tiredness.
  • Cardiomyopathy: The condition where the muscles of the heart are affected due to enlarging, thickening or weakening of the walls. This affects the ability of the heart to supply blood at full potential. Cardiomyopathy can be genetic or through some lifestyle habits like alcohol addiction or side effects of certain drugs and medications.
  • Myocardial Infarction: A CT scan of the heart can detect this condition when there is irregular supply of blood to certain parts of the heart. This results in degeneration or numbing of those undersupplied parts of the heart. They are also known as Heart attacks, which arise due to a blood clot formed in an already constricted artery, especially a coronary artery that runs through the surface of the heart.

Lifestyle inclusions like adequate and quality sleeping patterns, physical activity especially cardio and aerobic exercises and practices that promote low stress are important factors in determining the health of the heart.

Additionally, dietary factors like a balanced diet that limits the consumption of fats and lipids in healthy amounts, avoiding processed food and 

Unhealthy fats are important in preventing blockages or malfunctions in the heart. 

However, despite these precautions and practices, sometimes due to genetic factors or mutations, some metabolic complications can lead to worrisome heart conditions.

With such cases, staying alert and getting checked on a time-to-time basis regarding your heart activity, functioning and health is extremely important. This is made possible through lab tests and scans. For specific conditions or if the doctors suspect an onsite or underlying heart issue, they usually suggest a CT scan for a heart checkup to be done. 

CT scan stands for Computed Tomography and is one of the most popular diagnostic techniques. CT scan in Bangalore is an advanced diagnostic tool that uses the activity of fast-motion particles to obtain clear and structured images on a computer. This mainly uses X-rays to get detailed images of the internal body structures. Additionally, metabolic aberrations can also be detected using these scans. They are commonly used for a range of purposes. There are CT scans for the heart, lungs, brain, back and abdomen as well. These are specific to the region but there are options for a complete body CT scan in Bangalore as well. 

How Can CT Scan Detect The Activity Of The Heart?

A CT scan is an in-depth scan that gives a multi-level analysis of different functions of the heart and any differences in activity using a specialised tool called CT scan for heart or coronary CT angiography (CCTA). While performing a CT scan in Bangalore, a set of images procured by passing an X-ray is obtained to create detailed and precise cross-sectional views of the heart and related blood vessels.

By utilising a marker like a contrast dye, the specialised CT scan in Bangalore can obtain images of the blood flow through these surface-level coronary arteries. This mainly detects any metabolic variations, signs of existing or emerging blocks, and stiffening or narrowing in the blood vessels. This provides a specific overview to the doctors in helping to understand the problem and the area of concern, thus beginning a timely treatment plan for an effective cure.

Additionally, a CT scan of the heart also identifies structural aspects of the heart along with its functioning. This includes measuring and analysing the thickness of the heart walls and chambers. Also, any cholesterol or calcium plaques can be effectively noticed and medical interventions can be planned accordingly. 

CT scans in Bangalore are covered under the benefits of Health Insurance in most facilities. This adds to the convenience of the patients with affordable means of CT scan costs in Bangalore.

A Concluding Note On CT Scans For Hearts:

Overall, a CT scan of the heart provides valuable insights into the functioning and health of the heart, which assists in the process of diagnosis, curating personalised and effective treatment plans, and monitoring of various heart conditions. It is a non-invasive imaging modality that offers detailed information without the need for surgical methods or incisions. Additionally, it also is a facility that is covered under Health Insurance claims to financially aid the CT scan cost in Bangalore.

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