What is PET CT Scan, and How Does it Save Life?

PET CT scan

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PET CT Scan stands for Positron Emission Tomography Scan, finding early indications of heart disease, cancer and brain issues. With the aid of an injectable radioactive tracer, infected cells are found. A PET-CT combo scan generates 3D images for a more precise diagnosis. Doctors can analyze the functioning of tissues and essential organs in the body using a PET CT scan. It is performed in conjunction with a CT scan, which produces a detailed image of the organs and tissues inside the body.

PET CT Scan,

The radiotracer identifies vital biological functions that aid doctors in determining the kind and severity of the disease as well as the best course of treatment. To develop the best possible treatment for the patient, it is vital to research how far cancer has progressed throughout the body.

However, some people are anxious or worried about having this operation done because they believe it would damage them or give them pain. In this post, we’ll discuss: What should you understand about PET/CT scans? Patients should be rescheduled if they could not undergo the scan; Who is eligible for a PET CT scan and who is not? Who is not qualified to take the test? What occurs throughout a scan?

PET CT Scan in Banglore

Low-dose and high-dose radiation are the main radiation types used in PET CT scans. Low-dose PET scans are safer for patients since they don’t hurt the body or brain tissue like conventional X-rays, using just around 1% as much radiation. However, high-dose PET scans use significantly more radiation since they capture several images every scan, giving you a better overall view. Diseases and illnesses frequently alter patients’ biochemistry, and only PET scans can identify these changes. Like other types of medical imaging, a PET scan has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Pet Scans:

  1. PET scans are the most accurate medical tools for identifying cancerous and non-cancerous tumours, which helps reduce the number of wasteful procedures performed due to inaccurate staging information and diagnosis.
  2. For those who worry about contracting an infection from medical treatments, PET scans are the finest available solutions.
  3. PET imaging can be used as a substitute for biopsy and other exploratory operations to ascertain how far a disease has gone because it analyses a patient’s metabolic activities.
  4. The scans are more successful than traditional imaging tests because they can analyze biological functions through biochemical processes, which enables them to identify problems before symptoms and signs manifest.
  5. PET scans are a little safer than other CT scans since they expose the patient to less radiation.

Disadvantages of Pet Scans:

  1. Even though the radioactive materials utilized in these scans are transient, they could nevertheless result in difficulties, especially for pregnant individuals.
  2. It is pretty pricey compared to other types of medical imaging because it is a new process. They also need a cyclotron, an expensive device to manufacture radioisotopes that produce the radioactive rays necessary for imaging. As a result, they require a highly pricey form of treatment.

The sensitivity of this diagnostic technique is also another issue with PET imaging. The chance of erroneous results from PET imaging is increased if the patient has a chemical imbalance, such as diabetes or had recently eaten food before the procedure.


We all consider our ability to pay for our health and medications. Most regular people hesitate to speak up because Pet Scan is relatively more expensive than Rs25,000 and more expensive than other services. Kiran Pet Scan offers this test at a reasonable cost to overcome this difficulty.

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