How Effective Is a Full-Body PET CT Scan for Cancer?

Full Body PET CT scan for cancer

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PET-CT scan is a diagnostic procedure that enables a practitioner to use both an image from a PET scan and a CT scan to accurately show organs from a patient’s body. PET-CT is used to diagnose the nature of a change that may be cancer in the body or to ascertain the location of identified cancer in the body. Still, any Best PET CT Scan in Bangalore has been recognized as one of the most helpful diagnostic tools in cancer identification and classification.  

A PET-CT scan can help detect cancer and determine how far it may have spread. Those looking for the Best PET CT scan in Bangalore will find many diagnostic centers offering high-quality services. One top option for a PET scan in Bangalore is Kiranpet Diagnostic Centre, which has years of experience and uses cutting-edge equipment. For accurate cancer screening or staging, patients often choose to visit multispecialty diagnostic center in Bangalore that provide oncologists experienced in reading PET CT scans.

What is a PET-CT scan all about?

A PET-CT scan is based on the ability of certain substances known as radiotracers to indicate where in the body specified molecules are taken up by cells. Fluorescent X-rays generally prefer glucose – a kind of sugar that is tagged with fluorine-18 isotope as the common radiotracer. 

Cancerous cells metabolize more glucose than normal cells; thus, the radiotracer is taken up by the tumor tissues. A scanner is then able to identify where it is that the radiotracer has accumulated and then can generate pictures depending on the distribution of the radioisotope in the body.

The scan which is the CT part shows clear images of structures within the body tissues and reveals where the radiotracer is about the exact bones, muscles, and other tissues. The PET scan takes a picture of the radiotracer in the body and the CT scan provides the anatomic information of the area scanned. In performing functional P.E.T images with anatomic CT images, doctors are in a better position to know where in the body cancer might be.

Benefits of a Full-Body PET-CT Scan 

PET CT scan in Bangalore

One of the biggest benefits of a full-body PET-CT scan is its ability to detect cancer that may have spread to other areas of the body, also known as metastasis. As it dispenses images of the whole body from the head to the toes in one scanning session, it can identify cancer deposits that have not been seen by other imaging tests that have limited fields of vision. This has significant consequences when choosing the kind of cancer treatment and the stage of the sickness.

A full-body PET-CT scan is also beneficial for:

1. Cancer follow-up to check for any sign of relapse or metastasis after first treatment. – It is more specific than typical scintigraphy for assessing whether the cancer has recurred.

2. Premising the interpretation of an ambiguous result on another imaging examination. – That means, if on a mammogram there is an abnormality then by doing a PET-CT scan one can establish whether it is cancerous or not.

3. Identifying whether a cancer is treatable or not- Before and after the treatment is given, doctors make use of the PET-CT scan to determine if the cancer patient is responding to the therapy being offered.

4. All in all, one of the key benefits of a full-body PET-CT scan is that it provides the doctors with a holistic picture of the patient’s body in one shot, which will go a long way in accurately defining the cancer stage and determining the best line of treatment.


While full-body PET-CT and PET scan in Bangalore are considered very effective for cancer detection and staging, it’s important to note some limitations as well:

  • Radiation exposure: PET-CT scans of patients increase their radiation exposure as the unit consists of both the PET scan and the CT scan sections. The cumulative radiation dose from a PET-CT scan is 10-20 times less than the dose of a routine full body check with a CAT scan and ranges approximately around 15-30 chest X-rays.
  • Cost: PET-CT scanners also cost more as compared to other imaging scans such as CT or MRI scans they are more costly. The cost that relates to insurance may not always be fully catered for by insurance companies.
  • False positives/negatives: All imaging tests are liable to present some errors and none of them is 100% accurate. In some cases, the changes that give suspicion in PET-CT can be normal after biopsy most of the time they are assumed to be cancer. On extremely rare occasions, small cancer deposits may not be noticed at all.
  • Radiotracer availability: Some of the radiotracers employed in PET are not available in all health facilities since they depend on the equipment available. It is dependent on the available equipment in each of the related facilities and the general ability to produce different radioisotopes.

When is a Full-Body PET-CT Scan Most Useful?

Nevertheless, a full-body PET-CT scan may give the neoplastic disease staging useful data, whereas it is not always used as the first-line test due to the role of a person and the cancer type. However, there are some scenarios where a full-body PET-CT scan has demonstrated effectiveness:

  • Initial staging to identify high-risk cancer patients – melanoma or lung, lymphoma, etc. For cancer types where cancers are likely to present at an early stage and are likely to spread initially, B94 PET-CT provides a complete picture of the overall cancerous field.
  • Evaluating cancer recurrence- When blood tests or physical exams suggest cancer may have returned after prior treatment ended, a PET-CT is well-suited to locate sites of disease throughout the body.
  • Investigating cancers with unclear spread – If standard imaging left uncertainties about whether cancer has spread regionally or distantly, a full-body PET-CT can help resolve those questions.
  • Surveillance after curative intent treatment – For cancers with a significant risk of recurrence even after surgery and adjuvant therapy, PET-CT imaging of the entire body allows clinicians to monitor for signs of relapse.

In gist, a full-body Best PET CT scan in Bangalore can provide meaningful information about cancer spread when the clinical situation suggests a need to evaluate the entire body upfront or assess recurrence risks closely after initial treatment. The test excels at detecting small metastases that may impact cancer staging and management decisions.


While not perfect, a full-body PET-CT scan has emerged as a very important tool for cancer care due to its ability to simultaneously reveal functional and anatomic abnormalities across the entire body. When used judiciously based on a person’s cancer type, symptoms, and prior test results, it can offer valuable information about cancer extent and spread that impacts treatment planning. 

Overall, a full-body PET-CT scan has proven highly effective for cancer detection, staging, monitoring response to treatment, and assessing recurrence – making it a mainstay of modern oncology practice.

It’s also important to research online reviews from real patients to find which diagnostic center in Bangalore will give the most reliable PET CT results and best care. Considering both scan quality and patient service, Kiranpet Diagnostics may be a good choice for those seeking the Best PET CT scan in Bangalore from one of the leading diagnostic centers in Bangalore.

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