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SPECT Scan In Bangalore

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A SPECT scan is a medical imaging test that uses gamma rays to create cross-sectional pictures of the body. The test is called single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). SPECT scans are used to diagnose a variety of conditions, including heart problems, brain disorders, and cancer. 

SPECT scans can be used to help diagnose conditions early. This test can also be used to help plan treatment for diseases. For example, a SPECT scan can show if there is cancer in the brain. This information can help doctors plan surgery or other treatments. 

A single SPECT scan in Bangalore can cost between Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 5,000. However, the price may vary depending on the hospital you choose and the location of the hospital.

A SPECT scan can help with early diagnosis by providing a three-dimensional brain image. This can help to identify areas of the brain that are not functioning properly. SPECT scans are particularly useful for diagnosing conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and epilepsy.

SPECT scan in Banglore
SPECT graphical image of scanned head

The SPECT scan takes pictures of the brain from different angles. It then puts them together to create a three-dimensional image. The scanned image can be used to look for areas of the brain that are not working correctly.

Compared to magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), the SPECT scan is much improved. In MRI confirmation, the intricate structure of the inner organ can be seen. Still, the blood flow and functional aspects are not apparent. Therefore, in the MRI and SPECT examinations, 3D scans are suggested.

A SPECT scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test that shows how blood flows to different parts of your brain. It can help your doctor diagnose brain conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and depression. There are a few options if you’re looking for a place to get a SPECT scan in Bangalore. The Bangalore Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostics offers SPECT scans and other nuclear medicine tests. 

Another option is the Bangalore Kiran PET CT Diagnostic centre, which has a nuclear medicine department that offers SPECT scans. Finally, Manipal Hospital also offers SPECT scans. Whichever facility you choose, be sure to ask about the cost of the scan and whether your insurance will cover it.


A SPECT scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test that shows how blood flows to different parts of your brain. A SPECT scan can help with early diagnosis by showing which areas of your brain are not getting enough blood. You can get a SPECT scan at a hospital or radiology centre. The cost of a SPECT scan varies, but it is usually covered by insurance.

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