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PET is known as Positron Emission Tomography, a type of medical imaging technology that uses small amounts of radioactive material called tracers to locate many types of cancers and abnormalities inside the body and produce detailed pictures. 

Positron Emission Tomography is the most accurate way of detecting cancer. It uses radioactive tracers injected into the patient’s body to create an image of the patient’s internal organs and tissues. 

However, some people are afraid or nervous about undergoing this procedure because they think that it might hurt them or cause pain in the body. In this article, we will discuss: What you should know about PET CT scans? Patients who could not undergo the scan should get rescheduled; Who needs a PET CT scan, and who doesn’t? Who is not eligible to undergo the test? What happens during a scan?

What should you know about PET CT scans?

 Patients who could not undergo the scan should get rescheduled.

PET CT scan is an advanced medical imaging technique. It uses radioactive compounds called positrons, which are made by bombarding an atom with electrons or photons to create a chain reaction. The radiation emitted from these particles causes cells to emit more radioactivity than usual, which can then be detected using this machine.

PET CT scans use two main types of radiation: low-dose and high-dose. Low-dose PET scans use only about 1% as much radiation as standard X-ray machines do; they’re safer for patients because they don’t cause any harm to the body or brain tissue like regular X-rays do (though they may still cause some side effects). On the other hand, high-dose PET scans require much more radiation because they take multiple images on each, which means you get a better picture!

Who needs a PET CT scan, and who doesn’t?

PET CT scan detects cancer, blood flow in the body, heart disease, and brain disease. 

  • Patients who get the doctor’s advice need to get a PET Scan every three to six months until they receive positive mammography or bone scan results. It is advised that those at high risk of developing cancer undergo a PET scan (if they have one).
  • If you have any metabolic syndrome or diabetes mellitus (or both), you should be screened for the liver disease once a year by having an ultrasound of your abdomen and pelvis. This scan can help find gallstones or tumours on either side of your liver that may need surgery later. If left untreated for too long, it needs to be surgically removed by another provider such as yours here at Kiran PET-CT Center Bangalore.

Who is not eligible to undergo the test?

While most people are qualified to take the test, some shouldn’t. These consist of:

  • Pregnant women. When you’re pregnant, your body is already producing hormones that may affect your health and could cause complications during the PET-CT scan. Not getting the scan done is recommended until your baby is born. When you decide to get one done while pregnant, make sure that you tell your doctor so they can prepare themselves for both patients in their care and any other needs that arise during pregnancy (like ultrasounds).
  • Patients who have had recent surgery or injury on their head/face area (like stitches) because these areas tend not to last long before they become infected by germs. You will need antibiotics before going through this process again! 

What happens during a scan?

The process of getting scanned is very similar to the one you’ll experience in a traditional CT machine. First, a contrast agent will be administered to your arm when you are requested to lie down on the CT table. This scan helps doctors see better, especially if there is any movement or other changes on the scans. Next, you’ll hold your breath for a few seconds while the technician takes several images with different angles and positions. This process can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt.

 After they have finished taking the images, they’ll call you for another round of scans (and so on).

Undergoing a PET CT scan in Bangalore is quite an Easy procedure.

The PET CT scan is a painless procedure. It is an important tool for cancer, heart, and brain patients. It’s also an important tool for lung patients who need to know if there is any tumor in the lungs or not.


Now that you know more about PET CT scans, you might be interested in learning the time required to get your results and what will happen next. You can also call us at +91 7090270904/8147084527 if you want more information or know anything about this new procedure. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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