What is the cost of a PET CT Scan in Bangalore?

Cost of pet ct scan in Bangalore

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PET CT Scan is a kind of test that depends on various variables. Some of the PET CT Scan centres in Bangalore like Kiran PET CT Scan have the most advanced equipment to provide you with the best possible and most accurate results.

Some other factors affecting the cost of PET CT Scan are as follows:


Since diagnosis is also a type of service, its charges may depend on the duration each type of scan may require. Some of the body parts are easier to scan while others might be a little difficult and may require more time to get completed with the scan. Body parts like the brain or heart are comparatively simpler to scan as compared to the abdominal areas. Hence, the cost may vary when the prices of the two different scans are compared.


The machine also needs to be given the information about the body part that has to be scanned. When a person has to go through the PET CT scan, their entire body is inserted inside the doughnut hole of the machine regardless of which area has to be scanned. To specify the area to be scanned, a contrast material is applied so that the area is highlighted and recognized by the machine. There are several types of contrast materials that could be used and thus depending on the quality of it, the price of your scan may increase or decrease.


There are some locations in Bangalore that require the infrastructure to be of high-quality maintenance. These come with certain regulations of a particular area. Moreover, the machine itself requires a spotless and contamination-proof environment to provide the most accurate results. Since it all depends on the factor of maintenance, the cost of the entire scan may vary a bit at different places.


As technology advances every day, there are regular updates brought in most fields. The modernity of the equipment and how updated they are to meet the standards for the most accurate results expected also contributes to the cost of CT scan in Bangalore. Kiren pet ct has best-in-class equipment in Bangalore called Discovery IQ Gen 2 PET/CT


Getting a scan done is only meaningful when it is interpreted accurately to get the best possible diagnosis of a particular result. The accuracy to best interpret the results and map out what are the possible conditions that might occur in future requires a lot of experience gained over various readings and studies. Quality is something that is often charged for and thus the experience of the radiologist interpreting the results may be one of the factors determining the cost of CT scans in Bangalore.


Among the countless options present out there, each one promising to be the best scan and diagnostic centre, it might be a dilemma to decide which one to choose and how to even decide the parameters to compare the quality and promises made by different centres. Here are some variables that determine how good the diagnostic centre is:


A PET CT scan is all about dealing with the technology. It is the quality of the machines and the advancement of technology that helps diagnose the most accurate symptoms is what makes a PET CT scan & CT scan meaningful. At Kiran PET CT, you would receive the most technologically advanced diagnosis. The modernity of the equipment (GE discovery generation 2) we use is what makes our results accurate.


In a medical facility, it is pretty evident how important it is to have proper sanitation and hygiene maintained. A place that is supposed to diagnose and cure illnesses should not be contaminated to give you a new problem every time you visit the facility. At Kiran PET CT, we ensure the best sanitization. With a consistently dedicated cleanliness team, we ensure that the only thing you take away from our clinic is the diagnosis and solution to your problems.


Today when even the medical facilities are being provided in mass numbers, it is important to stand on the grounds of credibility. The cases of misdiagnosis is nothing new to the audience and they know what kinds of troubles it may bring. At Kiran PET CT scan centre, you can rest assured to get the best and most accurate diagnosis of your conditions and the most credible scans that can be interpreted to help you gain better health.


A major reason medical resources are not able to reach the mass audience is because of the affordability factor. Many big hospitals often overcharge the costs of even the simplest of the scans and tests conducted. Hence, we at Kiran PET CT centre make sure that you are charged for only what is required. Our pricing is planned to ensure the budget security of the public.


It is essential to possess the understanding and the ability to deal with all kinds of situations. The training received is developed in an ideal scenario but the people visiting the scan centre might not be dealing with such ideal conditions. In that case, it is the responsibility of the doctors and nurses present at the facility to ensure the best well-being of the patients visiting. We at Kiran PET CT are a group of professionally trained individuals who are not only well-equipped in dealing with the machines but also the diversity of clients visiting us.


At Kiran PET CT we ensure to develop the best of policies that is in the best interest of the clients visiting us. We do not make our clients go through rigorous and unnecessary formalities and make sure they feel the most comfortable and safe at our facility.


When dealing with a mass audience, it is inevitable to hide away from the criticism. The people when availing a service, also like to share their experience and the level of satisfaction with their peers. All the words circulating about a certain entity make up their reputation. Kiran PET CT Scan centre in Bangalore has a well-developed reputation in the eyes of all the clients visiting our facility. We understand that there is a relationship beyond the rigid professional boundaries and so we make sure to cater to the best of interests of all the clients visiting us.

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