The Cardiac CT Scan Price in Bangalore

Cardiac CT Scan Price in Bangalore

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What is a Cardiac CT Scan?

A Cardiac CT Scan, which you might hear called Coronary CT Angiography, offers a window into the heart and its vessels without a single incision. Imagine it like a sophisticated camera that captures detailed, three-dimensional snapshots of the heart in action, offering up a clearer picture through CT scan wizardry. When you go for one, you’ll get to lie down on a sliding table, which whisks you into what looks like an oversized donut, and that’s where the magic happens.  

An iodine contrast dye is injected into the bloodstream to highlight the coronary arteries. The CT scanner then rapidly takes multiple X-ray images of the heart from different angles as it beats. These images are reconstructed by a computer to generate cross-sectional views and 3D images of the heart and coronary arteries.

When is a Cardiac CT Scan Recommended?

A Cardiac CT Scan is typically recommended in the following situations:

  • If your doctor is trying to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to chest pain, they might suggest a Cardiac CT Scan. This neat tool is like a detective, helping to figure out whether that pesky pain in your chest is coming from a traffic jam in your coronary arteries. 
  • And if they’re on the lookout for signs of coronary artery disease, it’s the go-to method to spot any unwelcome plaque that’s setting up camp in the highways of blood vessels feeding your heart.  
  • Planning cardiac procedures: The scans provide cardiologists with detailed roadmaps of the heart and blood vessels before procedures like angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery.
  • Assessing heart defects: It is useful for examining congenital heart defects in children and adults.
  • Guiding minimally invasive procedures: CT images guide procedures like implanting cardiac devices like stents or valves.
  • Screening for high-risk patients: Those with a family history of early heart disease or have multiple risk factors undergo scans for early detection.

Cardiac CT Scan Price in Bangalore

The Cardiac CT Scan Price in Bangalore on an average ranges between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 depending on the hospital and its facilities. Below are the factors affecting the cost:

  • Hospital reputation and location: Scans at large corporate hospitals or specialty cardiac centers cost higher than smaller nursing homes or clinics.
  • Use of advanced technology: Hospitals with newer and high-end CT scanners may charge a premium compared to older machines.
  • Experience of the radiologist: Reports analyzed by senior cardiothoracic radiologists are priced higher.
  • Additional features: Facilities offering 3D reconstruction, calcium scoring, etc. along with basic imaging attract package rates.
  • Insurance coverage: Most health insurance plans cover Cardiac CT Scan costs either fully or partially depending on the plan.

Some of the major hospitals in Bangalore offering Cardiac CT Scan services within the average cost range include KIRAN NUCLEAR MEDICINE PET/ CT Centre, Narayana Health City, Vikram Hospital, Aster CMI Hospital, Apollo Hospital and Fortis Hospital. The price may be on the higher side at specialized centers like Sparsh Hospital or Manipal Hospital.  

Advanced Cardiac CT Scan Types

While the basic scan generates pictures of the heart and vessels, some hospitals also offer enhanced Cardiac CT Scan variants for a higher price:

  • Calcium Scoring checks for calcium buildup within the coronary arteries, which indicates the risk of a heart attack. Costs Rs. 1,000-2,000 extra.
  • Coronary Angiography provides a 3D view of blockages within the arteries. Charged at Rs. 3,000-5,000 above basic scans.
  • Cardiac Function Analysis assesses the pumping ability of the heart chambers and valves. Priced Rs. 2,000-4,000 higher.
  • CT Angiography reconstructs moving images of blood flow. Done for complex cases and costs Rs. 7,000-10,000 more.
  • Stress CT Scan images the heart under physical exertion to detect ischemia. Charges a premium of Rs. 8,000-12,000.

So in gist, advanced Cardiac CT variants entail paying anything between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 12,000 over and above the basic scan cost for added diagnostics.

Preparing for the Cardiac CT Scan

Proper preparation is necessary for obtaining clear and accurate images during the scan. Patients are usually asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not eat or drink anything for 4-6 hours prior. This ensures the stomach is empty which reduces motion artifacts from digestion.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes without metal. Zippers, buttons or underwire bras can interfere with the scan.
  • Inform the technician about any allergies. Especially to iodinated contrast dye used for enhancement.
  • Stop certain medications. Blood thinners like aspirin or beta-blockers may need to be held for a day as instructed.

A heart CT scan offers a rapid and clear view inside your chest, providing peace of mind or critical information about your heart’s health in mere minutes.

During the Procedure
  • Lie still and breathe normally. Motion will degrade image quality so remaining motionless is important.
  • Inform staff if you feel discomfort. The table may feel confined but signaling allows adjustments.
  • Expect a warm, flushing sensation from contrast. It lasts a few seconds but some experience head rush or nausea too.

The entire scan takes under 30 minutes. Results are discussed with the cardiologist who recommends further tests or treatment based on findings. A follow-up after 3-6 months may be needed in certain cases.

Safety of Cardiac CT Scan

There is minimal risk from radiation exposure during CT scans when used appropriately. Some key points regarding safety are:

  • Low radiation dose machines are used which deliver less than a chest X-ray but more than a nuclear stress test.
  • Benefits outweigh risks for most patients as abnormalities are caught early before life-threatening events occur.
  • Kidney function tests are done prior in patients with poor kidney function due to contrast dye risks.
  • Allergic reactions are rare but anaphylaxis is managed promptly in the medical setting.

When worrying symptoms arise, a CT scan for heart blockage is your non-invasive ticket to discovering if your chest discomfort stems from your arteries calling for help.

In summary,

Cardiac CT Scan is a low risk, non-invasive first-line investigation for evaluating heart health when ordered by a qualified cardiologist based on symptoms or risk factors present. Proper preparation and completion of scans as directed maximizes safety and diagnostic value.

KIRAN NUCLEAR MEDICINE PET/CT CENTRE is a well known platform for various types of scans. Talking about, Cardiac CT Scan price is always affordable for many to take advantage of during such situations. You can reach out to the team at 7090270904.

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