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What are the risks of a PET scan?

What are the risks of a pet scan? PET scan is a very safe and routine procedure.  The substances used in PET scanning are not associated with any side effects, so you should feel no different after the scan. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you can resume normal activities after a PET scan. Still, it’s a good idea to discuss possible risks with your doctor. Other risks of the test include discomfort if you’re claustrophobic or uncomfortable with needles.

The injection may also lead to symptoms such as bleeding or swelling.

The tracer is essentially glucose with the radioactive component attached. This makes it very easy for your body to eliminate the tracers. If there is any possibility that you are pregnant or if you are breast-feeding you should inform the nurse, technologist or doctor.

What is the patient preparation required?

⦁ Patients are urged to maintain good hydration levels.
⦁ No other specific preparation.
⦁ Patients need not maintain NPO status for the scan.
⦁ Patients need not stop any drug they may be taking for other ailments, before the scan.

What are the side effects of a Ga-68 PSMA scan?

⦁ There are no documented side effects due to the radio-tracer itself.
⦁ There are no documented cases of atopy/anaphylactic responses to the drug.

What is the procedure of the scan?

⦁ The drug is injected intravenously.
⦁ PET/CT is acquired 45-60 minutes after injection of the tracer.
⦁ Typically a scan lasts for 10-15 minutes.
⦁ Total duration of stay in the hospital is around 2-3 hours.